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Posture : How the Alexander Technique restores the poise that we had as very young children

Posture at work…

The Problem

When you look in the mirror are you unhappy with the way you look?

Round shouldered? Stooped? Dislike the way you walk?

People tell you to ‘stand up straight’ ‘hold your head up’ or ‘pull your shoulders back’ . So you try to rearrange bits of your body by bracing yourself and it feels like such hard work. So you let go and it’s back to square one, the same old posture again.

The Solution

What at first glance appears to be a lazy or stiff posture is in fact a problem of muscular coordination, a lack of teamwork in the body. Some muscles are overworking whilst others are underworking.

Alexander Technique sessions are not static posture classes, but lessons in how we can move in a coordinated way, aided by subtle guidance from the teacher’s hands. The technique changes how we understand our body’s support system. We see that it works as a whole, not in disjointed bits.

When this is applied to everyday activities like standing, walking, bending etc it affects the shape, tone and feel of the body. Poise is gradually restored. You feel more stable and balanced. You realise how you have more control over how you look and feel.

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